Ghost caught on camera during 1921 shoot? Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt shares uncanny pictures

Do you believe in ghosts? If no, then Vikram Bhatt has some questionable pictures for you. If yes, then you won’t believe your eyes what you just saw. The filmmaker who is busy working on his upcoming horror film 1921, shared some uncanny pictures on his Twitter account. In his tweet, Vikram Bhatt claims that they had an nerve-wrecking encounter with a spirit while filming for 1921. And no, he isn’t just all talk no show. He has proof to validate what his claims.

Mr Bhatt went to Wentworth Woodhouse in England to shoot for 1921. While shooting, they something smoothing and unnatural. They caught an apparition of an old man in the lawns looking at the house.

Vikram Bhatt also spilt beans that the Wentworth Woodhouse is the most haunted property in the United Kingdom. In fact, the team of reality show Most Haunted claimed that they have seen their first ever ghost at Wentworth Woodhouse in South Yorkshire. The house belonged to the owner of coal mines and legends have it that the owner still haunts his plush mansion.

Now the question arises, is it a publicity stunt by the makers for their upcoming film 1921? Is it just a gimmick by the makers to cash on to some ghost rumours? After looking at these pictures, the film has surely created ample amount of anticipation.

The trailer of 1921 was welcomed with surprising response. It crossed 10 million views on YouTube in a jiffy. Mahesh Bhatt, brother of Vikram Bhatt, spoke about his brother’s upcoming venture. He said, “Just when the self-proclaimed pundits of our trade had written the obituary of the horror genre, comes a tale of love and horror from the director of Raaz who made horror not only profitable but also ‘respectable’.”

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