30 Before And After Photos Of Abandoned Dogs That Were Given A Second Chance At Life By This Organization

Animals are amazing life companions that most of us love and care for. Sadly, that’s not always the case, because there are cruel and heartless people in this world who treat animals like objects with no emotions or things that don’t feel pain.

This animal protection NGO called Proyecto 4 Patas takes those mistreated animals and gives them a second chance at life. They heal them, give them love, and find them families that will take good care of them.

“We promote an attitude of respect towards all living animal species and support an ethical premise that they are sentient beings and not objects to be used by humans. We reject all kinds of animal exploitation including their use as clothing, food, entertainment, or for experimental purposes,” says the organization on their website.


The organization listed what their main objectives are: “To strive against animal abandonment, mistreatment, or the suffering of any animal (for use as clothing, food, entertainment or experimentation), to educate people about respecting animals’ lives through the presentation of talks and workshops run in both public and private locations. Running free or reduced-cost sterilization campaigns in marginalized areas. Promoting the belief that a mass sterilization campaign which is systematic, extensive, and free is the only ethical method to control pet overpopulation and urging the government to implement such a program. Aiding animals in need, providing treatment and recovery, and facilitating adoption to responsible owners. Provide legal advice to residents involved in cruelty cases. Promote veganism as a philosophy which liberates animals from suffering.”


They also try to take any actions to stop animals from suffering. They are trying to educate the general public on the importance of desexing male and female stray animals before their first heat and urging the government to run mass desexing programs because they are a permanent, humane, and sustainable way of managing pet overpopulation.


Here is a story about one of the pups featured in this post. This dog was saved by Proyecto 4 Patas after he was found stuck in tar. Thankfully, with the help of the organization, the pup survived and is now happy and healthy.





























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