89-year-old knits over 450 cosy blankets for dogs at the animal shelter

There are thousands of dogs all over the world who are just waiting to finally be adopted and have an uncertain life because they never know what tomorrow will bring.

That is why it is even more important to honour the people who selflessly try to give these dogs the best life possible.

89 year old Maisie Green is one of these people. She has a very big heart for dogs who have nothing and no one else – who live in the shelters – and decided to do something to improve the lives of many of these poor pups.

And she started knitting blankets… lots and lots of blankets.

Source: DogsTrust/Instagram

89-year-old Maisie Green truly has a heart of gold. A general animal lover, she spends her free time working on things that improve the lives of dogs in shelters.

When Maisie was thinking about how she could make a difference, she chose one of her greatest passions: knitting. Why not combine the two?

And so she went all out in it. To date, Maisie has knitted over 450 blankets for dogs in need.

“I love knitting and I love dogs, so I can combine the two beautifully! It takes me three days to knit a blanket and one day to knit a dog coat. It keeps me busy and often I knit while watching TV. I am so happy that I can help the four-legged friends at the shelter, the 89-year-old tells Bored Panda.

For Maisie, knitting is both a source of joy and the achievement of a great goal.

“It keeps me busy and I watch TV,” she explains.

Their fantastic acts of kindness are a great help to the shelters and especially to the dogs, who don’t have to worry about being cold.

“I am so pleased to be able to help the dogs in the facilities.”

It looks like a great success. Just look at the dogs, so cosy in their blankets.

Trust Basildon, facility manager, said: “Maisie regularly brings in her knitted donations and we are so grateful for her support. With all the cold in the winter months, I know our dogs are overjoyed to have such cosy blankets – and love that feeling!”

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