A Gigantic Luxury Ship Measuring 100 Feet Taller Than The Titanic

During World War II, the United States requested service from the United Kingdom to help transport their soldiers to the shores of Europe. It was therefore inspired by ships from the United Kingdom. The United States has decided to build a gigantic merchant ship. The SS United States was therefore built, an ocean liner that was once the pride of America.

Dorothy Marckwald and the company Smyth, Urquhart & Marckwald took care of the interior decoration, murals of ocean currents painted in oyster white with black soil. The SS United States had the most colorful and sumptuous interior that an ocean liner could have.

So, with the famous Vice-Admiral Harry Manning at the helm for the first time on July 3, 1952, the ship embarked on its maiden voyage. He managed to break the speed record by reaching a speed of 36 knots, which is astonishing considering that he was 100 feet taller than the Titanic. Such speed was enough to keep all the passengers inside.

But by the end of the 1960s, interest in ocean liners began to wane. The ship was losing money. He was taken to Newport News for an overhaul, and it was decided that it was more cost effective to leave him docked. In 1992, it was auctioned off, sold for $ 2.6 million and transported to Turkey, then Ukraine. The interior was completely removed and the once-luxurious ship was nothing more than a skeleton.

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