A great reward awaits those who can spend 30 hours inside a coffin in Six Flags, would you dare?

The coffin challenge is a very popular activity that invites all thrill lovers to spend 30 hours inside a wooden coffin. If the participants manage to pass this challenge, a great prize will be awarded to them!

This particular and creative activity is carried out within Six Flags Park facilities, all around the world. Six Flags New England decides has carried out this amazing event for two consecutive years.

On its latest edition of the Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge, the victorious winner took home $600 prize and also all participants were granted a pair of 2020 Gold Season Passes, a pair of 2019 Haunted House passes and a pair of passes to skip a ride line.

There were over 1,500 coffin dwellers waiting to participate in this massive event however, only six of them were selected. Six Flags staff mention that they were carefully picking the people who had stories that “spoke to them”

The challenge itself was quite fun but not easy. Participants were not allowed to leave their coffin at any time other than for their 13-minute bathroom break every three hours. They also had meal breaks in their coffin and a couple of mini-challenges were added to spice things up.

With the idea of making this challenge more entertaining, Six Flags staff created “The Wheel of Fright” including several random challenges such as being blindfolded, eating insects, holding a snake and more.

Registration for the Coffin Challenge is usually opened around September and the main event finally comes alive as expected, during the spooky month of October.

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