Abandoned Chinese ‘ghost ship’ found floating off the coast of Thailand, video surfaces

An abandoned Chinese ship was found floating crewless by oil rig workers off the coast of Thailand on 6 January.

An abandoned Chinese ‘ghost ship’ was found floating crewless in the middle of the night by oil rig workers off the coast of Thailand.

The vessel labelled ‘Jin Shui Yuan 2’ in Chinese characters was spotted by Chevron’s oil rig workers in the Gulf of Thailand on 6 January, according to reports.

Strangely, the ship had no cargo or documents on board to identify the crew.

Footage shared online shows the vessel floating through the night as crew members from other ships attempt a rescue.


Following the mysterious discovery, local authorities began coordinating with the Thai government’s marine department t stop the ship’s oil leak from harming the environment. But while being towed by the Thai Navy, the ship sank due to strong winds near the Sichon District in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

We have been trying to bring the ship to shore, but it sank before we could reach it. Buoys have been deployed at the point where it sank,” Captain Itthipat Gavinfuengfukul had said.

Buoys were placed to mark the area where it sank and fishermen were asked to be careful while sailing. A notice was also issued to salvage the vessel within 15 days.

Investigation revealed the ship’s lower deck had not been used for a while.

“Buoys have been deployed at the point where it sank. The ship is 18 metres from the water’s surface and about 28 nautical miles from the coast of Sichon district,” said Captain Itthipat.

He added that the shipowner if he/she comes forward, would have to claim the wreckage.

Talking about ghost ships, an abandoned ship that floated for thousands of miles without anyone onboard washed up on the coast of Ireland after Storm Dennis in early 2020.

The abandoned 77-metre cargo ship, which had been drifting for more than a year, washed ashore rocks outside the village of Ballycotton near Cork, reported AFP.

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