After 25 Years Hidden Under Water, The Ghost Town Of Argentina Is Resurfacing

Lake Epecuén, the salt lake located 570 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Argentina has become a popular tourist destination in
Buenos Aires. Precious minerals that have been found have been used in the manufacture of glass.

Tourists have come here for the therapeutic effects of the mineral-rich waters. They were good for the health, could cure diseases. In 1972, a train station was opened, museums, a bus station, hotels followed.

A protective dam stood next to Villa Epecuén and separated it from the lake. But no one is strengthening it. What brought about a catastrophe in 1985, when a great wave of water appeared. The dam was broken and water flooded the Villa Epecuén.

Water levels rose to 3 meters deep, residents were evacuated. The flooded roads, houses and businesses were abandoned, the train was the only way for the 1,500 inhabitants to get out of the village.

But in 2009, she started to reappear. A ruined village with bare trees, buildings covered with a layer of gray salt, ruined businesses and houses, rusted cars.

The village has become a tourist attraction. It has attracted the attention of journalists, anthropologists, photographers and tourists.

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