Become The Lucky Owner Of This Incredible Castle For $ 112,000

Have you had a hell of a year and would like to rest? Why not visit this uninhabited Scottish island.

It is for sale and the estimate is $ 112,000!

Deer Island, is located in picturesque Loch Moidart on the west coast. Future Property Auctions describes the sale as: a unique chance to buy a space that you can enjoy.

The place features spectacular countryside views, abundant wildlife with red squirrels and seals, and if people wait long enough they will spot a dolphin., But also, natural swimming spots and this huge family home.

Whoever the lucky bidder is, he will have to start from scratch because the island lacks housing and electricity.

Another fascinating historical feature on Deer Island is Tioram Castle. He was in the midst of events such as the Jacobite uprising. The ruins recall the history of Scotland.

Owning an island seems like something only rich people do. Maintaining and remodeling a place like Deer Island will take a lot of money, It is sure

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