Blind Elephant Takes Her First Steps To Freedom After 46 Years In Captivity

Elephants are such majestic creatures, however, it’s not a secret that people have been taking advantage of them for so many years now. From keeping them on display in circuses to abusing them for the sake of tourism, these gentle giants have gone through a lot at the hands of humans.

Because of their gentle nature, it becomes a lot easier for people who have ill intentions toward them to catch them and keep them in cages that aren’t meant for them. Thankfully, there are also a lot of rescue organizations out there who are always in search of elephants in need and who are determined to give these beautiful creatures the life they deserve.

One such elephant who was rescued from the hands of people who aren’t properly taking care of her was this 46-year-old blind elephant who was kept in captivity for her entire life. She lived a tough life at the hands of her captors but just recently, she was able to take her first steps to freedom and her new life thanks to the efforts of the Wildlife SOS.

Keep reading on and watch the emotional moment they finally let her go into the life she deserves.

The elephant, named Karma has lived in captivity her entire life and there, she led a very tough life. Although blind and weak, she was forced to carry heavy loads on the streets of India almost every day.

Going through that all her life, everything might have seemed hopeless for the elephant. Fortunately, she was rescued and taken to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Care and Conservation Center.

After traveling for miles, Karma was able to begin her journey to her freedom. The rescue team even recorded the moment Karma stepped out of the truck when they transferred her to the sanctuary.

This is Karma’s first steps to a new life.

“Karma experienced her first taste of freedom as she stepped off the ambulance and into the Wildlife SOS elephant hospital,” the team wrote on Facebook. “She is blind and will get a comprehensive medical exam and treatment in the coming days, but you can see her tentatively feel her way step-by-step.”

According to the team, Karma will be staying in the medical unit until she’s strong enough physically and mentally to be introduced to the other elephants at the sanctuary. They are positive, however, that she’ll soon be ready for that.

So far, it seems that she’s enjoying every moment of her freedom and she has already caught the hearts of volunteers helping her.

“Because she’s completely blind, we’re taking it slowly as we introduce her to her new life,” the group wrote on Facebook. “She’s such a peaceful elephant and staff has quickly fallen in love with her. It’s hard to imagine how much she suffered just a few short weeks ago before her rescue. Hopefully, her memories of abuse will quickly fade.”

It’s difficult to imagine what this elephant must have been through in those long 46 years. It’s also difficult to fathom how anyone could abuse such a peaceful giant who only wants to live a peaceful life.

Thankfully, she was rescued just in time for her to live out the rest of her life with her fellow elephants in a place where they’ll be safe from anyone who would ever want to hurt them.

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