Dog With Two Broken Legs Staggers Up To Remote Park Ranger Station Looking For Help

April Loew and her fellow park ranger burst into tears when they saw the young dog outside of their station. He had two broken front legs and was shaking.

But April, an Arizona State Parks ranger, immediately took it upon herself to nurse the dog back to health, writes

The Australian Cattle Dog/Catahoula mixed mysteriously appeared outside of the Lost Dutchman State Park ranger station, a station which is four miles from the nearest gas station.

“His tail was tucked under, he was literally shaking,” Loew told ABC 15 Arizona. “He was kind of hopping on his back legs like a kangaroo.”

“I was crying…the park manager here was crying,” she said. “We just couldn’t believe that someone would leave this little guy because he’s so, so sweet.”

She took ‘Ranger’ to the vet where his broken bones were treated, but he had no microchip or tattoo to identify him. Loew is footing Ranger’s vet bill and plans to keep him. She wonders why anyone would be as heartless as to leave a dog in such a way.

Loew is footing the vet bill to nurse the dog back to health; his legs will take a few months to heal. Even though it remains a mystery how Ranger ended up in the park, and who dropped him there, Loew says she is happy to take him in and give him a home.

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