Haunted witch house for sale with pics of bottom-smacking GHOST

An estate agent heard banging upstairs when taking the pictures.

In one, a spooky white orb can be seen hovering over a chair.

Essex witch Ursula Kemp was jailed in the building, which was a prison until 1908, before being hanged in 1582 for killing two children.

She was a midwife executed for cursing babies who were delivered by her competitors.

The notorious house, spookily-named The Cage, was put on the market after the current owner claimed she was “attacked” by ghosts.

Estate agent Lawrence Antony has admitted convincing a buyer to part with £269,000 for the two-bed house will not be an easy task.

Sales consultant Nick Thake said: “We are waiting for a specific type of buyer. We are looking for someone who is connected to the paranormal industry.

“They either have to be very interested in ghosts and prepared to live with what goes on in the house or it needs to be someone who is looking to run it as a business venture.

“But it is a case of wading through the people who are intrigued and finding the people who are genuinely interested in buying it.”

Current owner Vanessa Mitchell, 44, bought the semi-detached home for £148,000 in 2004 totally unaware of its history.

She says the spooks have been a constant source of trouble, some of it malicious.

Since she moved in, a ghost pushed her over when she was pregnant and another smacked her on the bottom.

Objects have also mysteriously flown across rooms, she revealed.

This comes as Cilla Black’s £4.4m mansion is still on the market amid rumours it contains a ghost.

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