HOUSE OF HORRORS Four-bedroom house on sale for just £125k – but many would never set foot in it after seeing inside

THIS four-bed family home looks like a bargain with a list price of just £125,000 ($170,000).

The oldest house in town is on sale for $170,000 in CaliforniaCredit: Zillow

But the inside is the stuff of mind-bending nightmares and only the bravest buyers will want to step inside.

The house sits centrally on Market Street in Colusa, a town north of Sacramento, California.

A sales listing on Zillow says: “Own a piece of Colusa’s History. One of the first homes built in town.

“This home is zoned low density residential with a MU (Mixed Use) Commercial planning over lay.

“The home is right on the main street in town and perfect for a flip or possibly a commercial property.”

But what has really caught people’s attention is the interior.

Nightmarish photos show bare dimly lit rooms with stark shadows falling over patterned floors.

One room appears to have a large red stain on the carpet that some reckon looks like a crime scene.

A Redditor shared the pics on a property thread and said: “Perfect place for your next unsettling dream.”

One user said: “I don’t believe in ghosts or psychics and all that, but I’m feeling a very negative presence in that house.”

Another said: “Why are the curtains drawn in every picture? What lunatic realtor would make that choice?”

And another said: “You haven’t seen anything yet. There’s a living room pic with what looks like murder scene blood stains.”

The interiors are so unsettling that some viewers reckon the basement full of pipes and rubble is the “least creepy room of the house”.

Earlier this month a couple told how their new home is full of spooky surprises including a Bible hanging from a hook.

And these once-lavish mansions now lie abandoned after unimaginable horrors of grisly murders and sex cults.

Mind-bending pictures of the interior are giving people nightmaresCredit: Zillow

A large stain on the carpet was compared to a murder sceneCredit: Zillow

‘Why are the curtains drawn in every picture?’ one viewer askedCredit: Zillow

Stark shadows are cast over dimly lit roomsCredit: Zillow

Online viewers reckon the basement is the least creepy room of the houseCredit: Zillow

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