House that inspired ‘The Conjuring’ is on sale for $1.2 million — go inside (if you dare)

The haunted house is about to fetch a pretty penny on the real estate market.

The haunted house that inspired the movie “The Conjuring” is up for sale, just in time for the Halloween season.

Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty is overseeing the sale of the spooky Burrillville, Rhode Island home, which is on the market for $1.2 million.

Built in 1826 and located on eight acres, the farmhouse clocks in at just over 3,000 square feet and has three bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms and 14 rooms overall.

“The Conjuring” certainly made the house that sits at 1677 Round Top Road a pop culture phenomenon. The 2013 supernatural horror film starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson was based on accounts taken from previous residents, and legend has it that the well-known property is haunted by Bathsheba Sherman, who lived in the house in the 1800’s.

“To this day, countless happenings have been reported. The chilling stories, incidents, and recollections of residents and visitors of the property have been told in dozens of media productions including books, movies, and television shows,” a press release from Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty reads.

The Burrillville, Rhode Island residence was most recently sold to Cory and Jennifer Heinzen in 2019. Cory, a paranormal investigator, told NBC 10 WJAR at the time that the house hadn’t disappointed him and had plenty of spooky surprises in store like “doors opening and closing on their own, footsteps, knocking (and) disembodied voices.”

“Last night, we had a black mist in one of the rooms. It looks like smoke. It’ll gather in one area and then it’ll move,” he said.

The couple has rented the farmhouse out to paranormal researchers and ghost hunters and have hosted tours, events and live streams to let the general public in on the fun.

The public has certainly been fascinated with the house since “The Conjuring” was released, but the couple who owned the home at the time of the movie’s release wasn’t too thrilled at the sudden influx of attention and visitors.

In 2015, Norma Sutcliffe and Gerald Helfrich sued Warner Bros., as reported at the time by EW, claiming that they had experienced “threats of physical violence and harm, sleepless nights” since the release of the film. According to Time, the couple claimed that the movie studio didn’t approach either of them about using their home’s likeness in the film.

Now that the house is up for sale again, many curious fans of the movie are likely itching to get a look at the property themselves, but there’s a catch. Interested parties have to provide proof of funds just to get an in-person showing and sign a nondisclosure agreement to get a look at the property’s full financial information.

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