Inside hotel abandoned for 20 years with rotting walls and drinks left untouched (Video)

The abandoned Grosvenor Hotel building in Bristol was explored by YouTuber Matthew Williams and two of his subscribers as they found broken furniture and possessions left in place after decades

An abandoned hotel which has sat unused for two decades was documented by an urban explorer who described it as “something out of a horror film”.

Matthew Williams, who runs The Secret Vault YouTube channel, took two of his subscribers to look inside the Grosvenor Hotel building opposite Bristol Temple Meads station.

The trio clambered up scaffolding on the outside of the building and got in through a missing window on an upper storey, spending more than an hour filming what they found inside, as reported by Bristol Live.

The old hotel had been left unused for about 20 years, with rotting furniture filling the rooms and graffiti covering the walls.

The building has caused controversy in Bristol after being labelled an ‘eyesore’ ( Image: TheSecretVault/Youtube)

The building has caused controversy in Bristol after being labelled an ‘eyesore’ ( Image: TheSecretVault/Youtube)

Floors and staircases look close to collapse, and at one point Matthew touches a wall and puts his hand straight through it.

Many of the numbered room doors, beds, stacked up mattresses and bathrooms were left standing, while other spaces were filled with smashed up furniture and fittings left to gather dust.

Among the rubble they found a rusted cooker, a bike, wooden chairs broken into bits, a wheelchair labelled ‘X-ray dept Bri’, and a television from decades ago.

The building had also been used by a homelessness charity ( Image: TheSecretVault/Youtube)

The full two-hour video was posted to YouTube ( Image: TheSecretVault/Youtube)

In the basement the trio stumble across what appears to be an old bar or storage area, with crates of drinks left untouched and a till from the 1960s.

Elsewhere, a partition has been broken down to reveal a previously hidden staircase and veteran explorer Matthew says: “This is a really weird place, like something out of a horror film.”

The building is almost 150 years old, acting as a hotel before being converted into a hostel by a homelessness charity in the 1990s.

Since then it has lay empty and is thought to have been regularly used by squatters responsible for the artwork and disturbing messages painted on the walls.

The ‘eyesore’ has been the subject of years of controversy and Bristol City Council is now in the process of buying the listed building with a Compulsory Purchase Order.

Plans to convert it into student flats in 2017 fell through and even the scaffolding that remains on the building has become an issue of dispute.

Local company Ashton Scaffolding told Bristol Live in June this year that they were removing their scaffolding, claiming they had not been paid, prompting the council to close off the area around the building over safety fears.

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