Mcdonald’s On The Water With Incredible View – Abandoned For Several Years

McDonald’s is a popular restaurant. McBarge was the 2nd restauraunt built on a 187-foot-long barge in Vancouver, Canada for the World’s Fair, a centennial celebration in 1986.

The “McBarge,” an abandoned floating McDonald’s restaurant in Vancouver. Photo Credit

Designed for the younger population, who would love to eat with the ship’s captain with panoramic views and a hidden kitchen. Both the interior and the staff uniform were nautical themed, it looked like a real sailor serving customers. A success which unfortunately only lasts 6 months.

Friendship 500, a floating McDonald’s restaurant, also known as the McBarge, anchored in Burrard Inlet near Vancouver, BC. Photo Credit

Left empty on the Expo grounds until 1991, the new owner ordered McDonald’s to remove it which was brought back to Vancouver and was let for abandonment, forgotten, rotten for over 34 years and has never been reopened.

The McBarge, floating around Burrard Inlet. Photo Credit

In 2015 she was moved to Maple Ridge for use as a homeless shelter or as a pub. It may undergo a redevelopment, it has been moved to an undisclosed location. We will await news of its progress.

McBarge was supposed to remain in operation after Expo 86 ended in October, but it was never reopened. Photo Credit

The barge is scheduled for a $4.5-million refit. Photo Credit

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