MEET ‘Frank and Louie’ Weird cat with two faces breaks Guinness world record (VIDEO)

Since I’m a cat person, U really, really love cats. Whenever I saw an outside cat, I always come to them and pat them. So this video is making me tearing up inside. I wish I could keep him and I wanna see him in real life. I’m so happy to hear that! Honestly, I have done my best to follow your/his journey for years. I’m thrilled to be in contact. I wish you both all the best, and hope he has many more happy years ahead. If the fates allow, my wish would be to meet him one day.

I grew up in Paxton, and heard about you and Frank and Louie about 6 or 7 years ago. Being a cat lover all my life, having Siamese cats when I was young, and never one to stray (no pun intended) from an animal challenge, all I wanted was to meet this amazing cat. I’m glad to know he’s still doing well. Please do keep us posted, and all the best to you both.

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