PETA’s Latest Campaign Offers Up Jackets, Boots, and Other Clothing Made From Human Flesh. Take a look inside.

PETA’s latest campaign against the slaughtering of animals for clothing is pretty damned metal. Usually, PETA’s message is done sharing videos revealing the horrors of animal treatment and slaughter. They typically are known for shocking folks with those horrific real videos. In their latest campaign, PETA has switched their strategy to imagine a world in which human beings are killed and skinned alive for their skin.

The campaign points you in the direction of a site called The site is filled with photos of clothing made out of human beings. Everything looks like it was a cross design between the makers of The Necronomicon and Ed Gein’s fashion sensibilities.

The pretty damned rad site is filled with product descriptions like this:

“Avery’s leather is natural and one-of-a-kind—after all, there was only one Avery. The Avery was crafted from the most luxurious skin, making this jacket natural and unique. As Avery was only 22 when she was taken away from her friends and family, the jacket should age beautifully. She came pre-tanned and was then flayed while still alive, so any signs of stress on the skin are incidental and should be taken as signs of individuality.”

Everything from jackets to boots to belts are all made from human skin. For example, the photos reveal a coat made from leather complete with eyes, and ears from the victims it took to make them.

Say what you will about PETA. They know how to get a point across and this is definitely doing that.

Head over to Urban Outraged to check out the entire collection for yourself.

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