Police Officer Breaks Down In Tears After His K9 Partner Passed Away

Axel, a K9 dog, spent 5 years of service to the Central Falls Police Department before retiring. The officers of the Central Falls Police Department loved him so much as he was so good at his work before retiring.

His will to work was so big as he retired after the regular retirement age for K9 officers. Officer Decristoforo, Axel’s companion, no matter the danger was, Axel always ensured that street and officers were safe with his fantastic job! The officer added that Axel had no doubt in giving his life to save the cops.

Unfortunately, the dog died left Decristoforo in pain! So, the officer shared a farewell post on Facebook saying that the dog was his other half! He added that he did a great job all time. He finished the post by thanking Axel! Heartbreaking!

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