To Save A Scared Cat Police Stopped A Train And Jumped Into The Tracks

The video below shows police officers rescuing a terrified cat from the lines and returning him to his owner at a New York City subway stop.

George, the cat, was on his way home from the vet with his owner, Mila Rusafova, when he was spooked by a noise and leaped down into the track. Unfortunately, a train was approaching from afar, and it was rapidly gathering speed.

Mila became frantic and other people came to alarm the subway conductor to halt the MTA train. After that, Officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas showed up on the scene and jumped into the tracks to help the little cat before it could wander farther away.

Credit: Facebook/ NYPD

Officer Brian Kenny described him as “panting and terrified.” “He didn’t make a single movement.” His tail was within four inches of the third rail.”

“He gave us a glance. He grabbed for both of my shoulders like a newborn as I scooped him up. Kenny stated, “He almost embraced me.” “I am a huge animal lover. George would not have been harmed in any way. That was something we were going to make certain of.”

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