The Ruined And Abandoned Dunington Mansion In the Middle of a Golf Course

Languishing forlornly in the middle of a golf course of all places, the once-magnificent Dunnington Mansion, also known as Poplar Hill, near Farmville, Virginia is in a sorry state. Guarded by security 24/7, acclaimed urbex photographer Bryan Sansivero was granted access to capture the property in all its faded grandeur. Join us as we explore its dilapidated halls and discover just how this historic home ended up in the heart of a country club.

Bryan Sansivero

Bryan Sansivero

The imposing red-brick manor sits on a plot of unkempt land within the swish Manor Resort Golf Club, which is located to the south of Farmville. An ornate wrought-iron gate, thick with rust, is supported by two crumbling posts that mark the divide between the golf course and the mysterious abandoned mansion.

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