You can eat and sleep at the original “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” service station

This could be one of the most terrifying and pleasant places that exist for those of us who love horror movies and delicious food.

This memorable place is in Austin, Texas, if you go by Highway 304 and head south of Bastrop, you will find that family restaurant but it has a disturbing story behind it.

There are several movies of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” but this service station corresponds to the original in 1974.

The Gas Station is currently a restaurant, which serves delicious Texan dishes and sells many things related to horror movies.

“In fact, we have a gas pump that we take out from time to time … the Coca-Cola machine that is exactly the one in the film,” manager Ben Hughes said.

Outside the establishment you can see a van that is a replica of the original movie.

“It’s the same brand, model, year, same color,” said the manager.

It has caused a lot of emotion in the visitors.

Besides enjoying a delicious meal, you can also stay there, only for the brave!

They have 4 nice cabins behind the restaurant, so that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans can live a chilling evening.

On some occasions in the courtyard, movie nights are held, and the manager assures that there are no scary surprises, so both lovers of strong emotions and calmer people can enjoy this experience.

“We want to make sure that everyone who comes is having a good time and not just being scared or something,” Hughes said.

“It’s a fun place, man, you know? You have people who are not just horror movie people, but movie people in general” Hughes said. “Just go and have fun, look at great things, eat something good and talk to people”.

The information of this place that is perfect for fans of horror movies, you can find on their website:

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